Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy

A Somatic Psychotherapy Training Program

Incorporating the work of Wilhelm Reich and Core Energetics with contemporary therapies and indigenous practices, students of SSBP's integrative certification program gain a strong foundation from which to organize their approach to clients. The result is as spiritual as it is psychological, opening the client's perception to the greater world around them as well as to their own unique offering which I call "Referencing From the Self".

Dream Theater and Yoga Joe's!

One evening during the January meeting of class we were experiencing a little creative relief from the more difficult curriculum we were learning during the day by exploring the healing potential of the Imaginal Realm through Dream Theater.  One of the students volunteered her puzzling dream of teaching yoga in the military where her students were dressed in army uniforms and military behavior codes.  Through a dramatic enactment of the dream, a whole lot of laughter, and some feedback from the players, we were all able to experience the magic of tapping into larger forces of healing potential all around us.  
The last day of the week another student brought our yoga teacher an extraordinary gift.  More than 6 months previously he had seen a crowd funding campaign quite out of the range of his normal interests that he ended up contributing to.   Although he had no idea what he would do with it when he received it, for many months he wondered when he would finally get the merchandise that he paid for in supporting the new company.  When our yoga teacher chose to work on this particular dream in class he had a hunch it would be coming soon and sure enough, when he got home that night there was a package waiting for him.  
The student had invested in these wonderful, joyful and kind of ridiculous "Yoga Joe's".  Yep, you read it right!  On the last day of class he gave our yoga teacher a quirky gift that reinforced the concept I was teaching  of the Golden Thread, the "attentive noticing of the Soul" where we seek to follow the inspirational patterns that run through our lives and beckon us to live our truest self.

I think we all found this to be a perfect synchronicity, an inspiring and playful nod from the universe for our time together!

Yoga Joe's!

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