Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy

A Somatic Psychotherapy Training Program

Incorporating the work of Wilhelm Reich and Core Energetics with contemporary therapies and indigenous practices, students of SSBP's integrative certification program gain a strong foundation from which to organize their approach to clients. The result is as spiritual as it is psychological, opening the client's perception to the greater world around them as well as to their own unique offering which I call "Referencing From the Self".


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As a therapist, I consider myself a tracker, scouting reaction patterns that are experienced on all levels of our physiology. At SSBP, we hone our tracking skills to understand the original needs of our defensive patterns, discerning the reasons behind the current form. Meeting these needs in their original energetic allows for new perceptions and experiences to arise. Through patient observation and awareness we learn specific interventions in a combination of individual and group therapy. We also teach how to gently open the physical system to dissolve the limitations created through holding patterns developed over decades.

As an Herbalist and Ceremonialist the program is truly an integrative mind-body therapy training.  I bring teachings on basic health and its effect on our well-being, and the power of the Imaginal Realm and its role in healing. Graduates will gain skills to assess from a body-oriented viewpoint based on the tradition of Core Energetics,  to organize information and back up their choice of interventions through the treatment plan over time. An additional Practitioner's Skills track is available for attendees who do not already work in the profession in order for them to achieve Certification.


Class Topics

Tracking  ~  Developing Heart Perception  ~  The Yes and the No  ~  Body-Reading  ~  Core Energetics and The Work of Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen and John Pierrakos~  Character Structure and its Application in the 21st Century  ~  The Segments of the Body and Their Impact in Perception & Life Patterns~  Leading Safe Process Groups   ~  Herbs for Mental Health  ~  Working From Within the Imaginal Realm and Its Affect On Neuroplasticity  ~  Ceremony for Health and Healing  ~  Current-Diagnostics in a Larger Context  ~ Somatic Therapy Approaches ~ Counter-Transference in Body-Therapy  ~  Working with Dreams and Imagery  ~  Trauma & it's Treatment ~ Working With Our Many Internal "Parts"  ~  Clearing Spaces Internally and in the Environment  ~  Interpersonal Work in the Group Setting  ~  Movement to Impact Body Structure  ~  Referencing From the Self

This list is not all-inclusive; there may be other topics covered and some of these may be offered as electives and not as part of the core curriculum.

The wisdom of the body helps to guide therapy

The wisdom of the body helps to guide therapy

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