Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy

A Somatic Psychotherapy Training Program

Incorporating the work of Wilhelm Reich and Core Energetics with contemporary therapies and indigenous practices, students of SSBP's integrative certification program gain a strong foundation from which to organize their approach to clients. The result is as spiritual as it is psychological, opening the client's perception to the greater world around them as well as to their own unique offering which I call "Referencing From the Self".


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Aylee is a master at her craft.  Her ability to tune into the subtle psychological, emotional and energetic expression of each student/client is remarkable.  This is a learning-from-the-inside out process.  Doing my own Core Energetic session work with Aylee, as a requirement of the school training, has been some of the most profoundly impactful personal work I’ve done.  As a result, my ability to be truly present with myself, and with my own clients, has shifted significantly.  

Aylee provides such a safe, loving, and nurturing space combined with a no-nonsense attitude.  She carefully incorporates trauma theory and a “holding” for the student/client’s nervous system. She is careful to help students get the most out of their work at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy.

Kiki Erickson, LICSW

Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy has been genuinely transformational for me. Aylee seamlessly combines her own centered wisdom with the profound teachings of Core Energetics, and the effect is powerful: in my cohort, we are all uniquely supported in the vulnerable, shaky process of gaining our own freedom, while simultaneously learning how to one day do the same for others. To anyone who feels called, I can't recommend it enough.

LF, Seattle

I have never had a significant partner.  I went to healers, coaches and traditional therapists to change my limiting beliefs and unresouceful thinking, to open to my soul’s understanding.

But it is the work with Aylee and Core Energetics that has opened me to feel what is there, a profound fear of being with others. It is no mystery why I could not attract a partner; my system has been telegraphing fear.

My time at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy has helped to welcome me home to my body, allowed me to not be so tentative with others, and to not be afraid to feel own my feelings. Thank you.

CW Seattle, WA

Core Energetics has been utterly life transforming for me. It is the deepest and most comprehensive approach to healing I know of and the training at Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy is one of the most rigorous and thorough learning experiences I have had. I feel like I am truly completing my healing and being deeply prepared to facilitate this work with clients. 

Geoff Fitch, Pacific Integral


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